What is the first step to get a kitten?

If you would like a Neva Masquerade Siberian the first step in the adoption process is to contact us by email. (cobaltorino@gmail.com).
Once you have made a decision that you are ready to book a kitten please fill out a booking form. You can also contact us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you feel more comfortable using any of these social networks.

What does the price include?

 - Our kittens go to new homes well-socialised with both people and other cats.
 - Your kitten is vaccinationed against Herpes virus, Calici virus and Panleukopenia 
 - All kittens going to pet homes are sterilised (neutered/spayed) before leaving us
 - All kittens are microchipped
 - They have been dewormed
 - Kittens arrive at their new home with a file containing all their documents as well as helpful guidelines for the care, maintenance and enrichment of your kitten.
 - They arrive with their pedigree certificate endorsed by the Southern African Cat Council
 - Kittens travelling overseas have their vet passport and all required documentation 
 - All our babies are a part of our family and once you have a Cobaltorino Siberian you join our Cobaltorino family. 
 - Every kitten raised in our nursery has lifetime support from us to help you and answer any questions you may have. We will also anxiously wait for updates with photos and videos. 

At what age do kittens leave for their new homes? 

Kittens usually leave between 12 and 14 weeks. These early weeks spent with their mom are crucial in the healthy development and socialisation of kittens. We never remove kittens too early from this safe and nurturing environment because kittens that are deprived of this will be nervous and skittish. Our babies are happy and well adjusted because of the love care they receive in their first home. 

Kittens that are travelling overseas to their new homes usually leave at around 4 and a half months so that they are mature enough to deal with the long trip and so that we have had enough time to train them to handle such a trip with ease. 

Are your kittens litter box and scratch post trained? 

Yes, these milestones are achieved while they are living and learning from their mothers. 

Do your kittens get along with other pets? 

Siberians are quite social cats and do well in the company of other pets. We do not have dogs in our home but many of our cats have been homed with families that have dogs. They have been reported to get along very well with both large and small dogs as well as parrots, lizards and other pets. 

Do your kittens get along well with children? 

Our kittens are raised with children around. They are playful, tolerant and very calm around children. In my opinion the Siberian breed is the best breed for children to grow up with because they develop such a strong bond with their kitten. Children learn valuable skills such as kindness and gentleness to animals from spending time in the company of a Siberian. Very young children should be supervised by a parent at first and taught to treat animals with care.

Are your cats health tested? 

We routinely and regularly test our males and females against genetic (HCM, PKD) and viral diseases (FIV, FeLV) as well as blood type, to ensure that our kittens are as healthy as possible. 

What is the price for one of your kittens?

For prices contact me directly by email at cobaltorino@gmail.com.
For kittens going to other countries the price depends on several factors: bloodline, colour, the country you live in, the documents I need to prepare etc. 

Where do you ship your kittens? 

In normal times kittens can be shipped safely almost anywhere in the world. I prepare them well in advance if they are travelling on a long trip so that they are comfortable and accustomed to their travel carrier as well as being old enough to handle the trip with ease.
Kittens usually travel by air to their new destinations. Information is provided at the time of shipping on where and when to collect your kitten. You are also welcome to come and pick up your kitten yourself. We would love to meet you in person

Do you offer retired adults? 

Occasionally we have retired adults available that no longer participate in our breeding programme. If you are interested in an adult cat feel free to contact us. All our cats are members of our family so rehoming them is one of the hardest decisions a breeder has to make. Retired cats deserve to be rehomed and loved as family pets living a happy life. 

Are Siberian cats hypo-allergenic? 

No cat is completely allergy free but Siberian cats are known to trigger less allergic reactions than most other breeds. Siberian cats can be considered truly hypoallergenic. The definition of hypoallergenic is having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction. It is a cat breed that some claim 75% of allergy sufferers do not react to. Even the males of this breed produce less of the most common allergen Fel D1, which is the main protein people tend to have reactions to. Highly allergic people may still have reactions but they are less likely. 

Despite having such a luscious coat they still get voted the most hypoallergenic cat around. That is because the true source of the allergen is the Fel D1 protein produced by all cats in their sebaceous glands and saliva. The Siberian cat produces minimal amounts of this protein compared to other breeds. Although far less, Siberians still do produce this allergen and each individual produces a different amount according to their own genetic makeup. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% hypoallergenic or allergy-free cat. But many cat allergy sufferers do not have any issues with Siberians. If you usually have severe reactions to cats and are interested in a Siberian please contact us to arrange a visit to test your reactions by spending some time with our cats and kittens.

Does Cobaltorino Siberians have kittens available immediately?

No, we work with a reservation system. Every kitten born at Cobaltorino already has a home. We accept only a few reservations a season so we can focus on our Kitten Families (that could be you!), and our Siberians. A usual waiting period is between 6 months to a year. Occasionally there may be a cancellation in which case we assist the people on the waiting list first.

Does Cobaltorino Siberians offer any discounts at all?

Yes, we offer a R1000 "Buddy Discount" when you buy two kittens from us. This discount is available when you choose littermates. This discount is deducted from your final payment.

I can't afford the whole purchase price right now, may I take my Siberian home now, and pay you the balance over time?

We are deeply sorry, but due to the prevalence of cat scams we are no longer able to send any Siberian home pending payment in full.

May I elect not to have my Siberian desexed?

No. All pet Siberians are placed desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped, no exceptions.

I want to pick out my kitten in person, do you allow this? 

We apologise, but we do not allow in person selection. We help you assess your needs and we evaluate our kittens' temperaments to ensure you bring home the kitten or kittens best suited to you and your home. You are welcome to follow our regular instagram posts to watch the growth and development of the kittens. If there is a particular kitten you are drawn to from the litter allocated to you you can let us know and we may be able to assist you. Kittens are usually allocated to their new owners at around 6 weeks. Should you wish to visit your kitten you may do so only after they are 8 weeks old and have had their first inoculations.